Charlotte County is home to some of the most beautiful and cherished beaches in Florida, but sadly these beaches, loved by all, are eroding away. Homes, businesses and the county's tourism economy all depend on a wide healthy beach. Faced with a clear problem, Charlotte County has started to plan future beach nourishment projects to address the erosion problem on Manasota Key and Don Pedro/Knight Island.

Michael Poff, an outstanding coastal engineer, has been hired to plan, design and permit the County's future beach nourishment projects. That's an important first step, but, to be successful, the county has to find a way to fund these sorely needed beach projects.

Working with the community particularly Manasota Key, Don Pedro/Knight Island and West County  the PARC Team will develop a plan to fund the county's beach nourishment projects. We need your help to develop a funding strategy that works best for your Community. PARC will be hosting a series of public workshops in October, December and January to find the best way to fund future beach projects and we need your help.

Through the workshops, you can learn about future beach projects, how much they might cost, and how we can fund them. We want your input, help and participation to make the funding strategy the best it can be. Please join us in this critical effort. You can track the whole funding process through this website, submit questions and ideas to the PARC Team, and even watch the public workshops online.

You can always reach us by phone and email.

Peter Ravella, Principal

(512) 784-3565 |

Tyler Buckingham, Project Research Coordinator

(805) 340-9469 |