After eighteen months of intensive effort lead by the PAR Consulting Team, the County July 19, 2018 unanimously adopted the funding strategies for Manasota Key and Don Pedro-Knight Island.  The adoption continues the perfect streak of unanimously-adopted funding methodologies developed by PARC over the last ten years.  We are proud of that record. Developing funding strategies worthy of broad public and political support takes high skill, an attention to detail, a willingness to listen, and countless hours of community engagement.  Raising new revenues is never easy, especially when it comes to the complex world of beach restoration.  Discovering the proper balance of interests and revenue streams takes dedication and the good will of people across the political spectrum.  The PARC Team wants to thank Michael Poff of Coastal Engineering Consultants, island residents, mainlanders, and county staff who all worked with us to make this result a reality.   Now, let's hope for a quiet hurricane season and a prepare for the new beach projects coming in  the fall of 2019.

If your community is facing shoreline erosion and the challenge of raising the funds to respond, give the PARC Team a call and we'll go to work to put your community on the road to success.

Charlotte County is home to some of the most beautiful and cherished beaches in Florida, but sadly these beaches, loved by all, are eroding away. Homes, businesses and the county's tourism economy all depend on a wide healthy beach. Faced with a clear problem, Charlotte County has started to plan future beach nourishment projects to address the erosion problem on Manasota Key and Don Pedro/Knight Island.

Michael Poff, an outstanding coastal engineer, has been hired to plan, design and permit the County's future beach nourishment projects. That's an important first step, but, to be successful, the county has to find a way to fund these sorely needed beach projects.

Working with the community particularly Manasota Key, Don Pedro/Knight Island and West County  the PARC Team will develop a plan to fund the county's beach nourishment projects. We need your help to develop a funding strategy that works best for your Community. PARC will be hosting a series of public workshops in October, December and January to find the best way to fund future beach projects and we need your help.



The PARC Team conducted a series of public workshops with the Manasota Key, Don Pedro/Knight Island, and the West County community to create the Beach Funding Plan. Click the links below for information specific to each workshop.



Final Workshop 6A - 2/12/18 | 2PM

Final Workshop 6B - 2/12/18 | 6PM

Workshop 5B - 11/15/17 | 6:30PM

Workshop 4a - 7/27/17 | 6PM

Workshop 4b - 7/29/17 | 6PM

WORKSHOP 3A - 1/19/2017 | 6PM

WORKSHOP 3B - 1/21/2017 | 1PM

WORKSHOP 2A - 12/1/2016 | 6PM

WORKSHOP 2B - 12/3/2016 | 1PM

WORKSHOP 1A - 10/10/2016 | 2PM

WORKSHOP 1B - 10/11/2016 | 10am

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